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Major Announcement – My Course is Available for Preorder!

I’m so excited to announce that I will be launching my Bookkeeping: Beyond the Boring course (or BBtB, for those in the know) this fall! I’ve been working SO hard on this course since January and damn am I tired! 😰

But the good news is, I’m super proud of what I’ve created, because I think it will help women business owners like you stress less, sleep better, and be more confident in managing their own business finances!

Bookkeeping: Beyond the Boring is a comprehensive course on all things business finances. It is 100% online, self-paced, and made up of short, digestible videos and downloads that will teach you:

✔️ How to get your money mindset right so you can charge what you’re worth. 🧠🤑 ✔️ The basics of what you need to do and processes you should follow to track your income and expenses. ✔️ My top tips to make your bookkeeping routine doable and – dare I say? – fun! 💃🎉 ✔️ A basic process to follow, complete with a pretty, printable document with actual checkboxes – because who doesn’t love the satisfaction of checking off a task? ✔️ ✔️ What assets, liabilities, and equity are and how to track them ✔️ What tax liability is and what expenses will reduce it ✔️ How to pay yourself, your operating expenses, your taxes, AND have fun money using a simple bucket system 💲💰💲 ✔️ End of month and end of year activities to be ready for tax time ✔️ How to know when it’s time to outsource your bookkeeping and how to find a FANTASTIC bookkeeper (vs. a “just okay” one) 💖💖💖 ✔️ How to protect your money from scammers!

You’ll Walk Away With:

✅ Less stress and overwhelm because you’ll have a solid plan to set up and maintain accurate books

✅ Better sleep because you know what you’re doing, that your expenses will be covered and you’ll have enough for taxes 😴

✅ A sense of empowerment being on top of business finances 🦸

✅ Knowledge of best practices, things to avoid or look out for, and how to use your data

✅ Better information to make all those tough business decisions

✅ Peace of mind knowing there will be no year-end “scramble zone” at tax time ✌️☮️

✅ Confidence that you are the badass business owner I know you are!

✅ More time and freedom to focus on what you love, because you won’t be researching and reinventing the wheel every time you do your books!

✅ Excitement to dive into your business finances and Make. That. Money!!! 💲💰💲

Click here to review more about the course – including the full curriculum – and to place your pre-order!

For a limited time, I’m offering the course at a DEEP DISCOUNT. Using code BBTBLAUNCH at checkout, you can get this course, valued at over $1000, for just $333!