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Why You Need to Charge more

We all probably know that women still earn 82 cents to every dollar a man makes, so we’re making 18% less in a typical employment situation. Maybe this is even why you went out on your own – because you were denied promotions or raises at your 9-5 jobs (or 9-9, in some cases). But …

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3 Ways to Reduce Overwhelm

I’m not going to go into how we as women have so much expectation and pressure on us – both societally and self-imposed. I won’t go into how we all feel like we have to be everything to everyone and still try to be a person of our own. We’ve all heard it, we all …

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What Can I write Off?

Last week I talked about what “writing something off” actually means – particularly that it doesn’t mean FREE money from the government. 🙂  So what are the business expenses that will reduce your tax liability? Legal and accounting fees – the people who do your books and your taxes help you save money on taxes! …

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